Art Gallery de Underground River


Great imagination and widely opened eyes are what you need to enjoy one of the world's new seven wonders of nature - the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

The interior of this underground world flaunts amazing rock formations that will leave your mind boggling for minutes, or hours, or days, or even years. You may not know the effect of these naturally carved artworks. [Know the other tourist spots in Palawan]

However, the beauty of Palawan's Underground River is like your ultimate crush, it’s kind of hard to get. You must prove first that you really want her by suffering for two hours in a winding road, 30 minutes in the port's waiting area, and another 30 minutes in a bumpy boat ride.

Oh! You should also bear in mind that your crush is too beautiful; you may encounter some of your rivals within the island. Be careful with these monkeys as they may grab not only your crush, but also your belongings made of plastics. These animals assume you always have food for them in your plastic bags.

After conquering the challenges that came your way, all you have to do is wear a helmet, ride a boat, and you're now ready to explore the natural art exhibit inside the underground river!

Each boat has a tour guide and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Luckily, our tour guide has a great sense of humor, making our tour more enjoyable. In no particular order, here are some of the artworks that your tour guide will show you inside.

While enjoying these nature's sculptures, be careful not to open your mouth. Staring at the ceiling of underground river with your opened mouth is somewhat risky. Some of your enemies reside inside the cave. These bats might release some of their secret weapons, also known as poop, straight to your mouth.

Puerto Princesa's Underground River is really getting popular so you should come early to see this tourist spot. When we arrived at the port’s waiting area, there was a long queue of tourists waiting to be brought to the underground river. It is also recommended to visit the place in the morning because large waves in the afternoon would definitely give you a rough boat ride.

Regardless of all the troubles you bump into, seeing the famous underground river is a must when you go to Palawan. Before you leave the island, do not miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Take a picture with your crush!

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